Hang out with all of your favorite Nickelodeon characters at Nickelodeon KidsFest. Come compete in the KidsFest fun run, an adventure consisting of a series of cool activities based off your favorite Nickelodeon characters.

Make Your Own Nickelodeon T-Shirt

The Nick characters hope you remember your day here for a long time. They invite you to design your very own Nickelodeon T-Shirt so that you can think of them when you wear it!

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Dora the explorer logo

Every runner needs a snack to bring up their energy. Dora wants to give you the most fun snack she could think of—cookies! Using pre-made cookies, you will get a chance to use the icing and toppings provided to decorate your own cookie. The perfect snack for a runner on the go!
Dora the explorer

Spongebob Squarpants logo

SpongeBob's pineapple under the sea needs a little sprucing up, and he is hoping you can help him out! Help SpongeBob paint a mural that he will hang in his beautiful underwater house. Use a sponge to make a perfect SpongeBob, or use your hands to make the perfect starfish!
Spongebob and Patrick

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Each of the Turtles bring something unique and special to the table, whether it's Donatello's brilliant mind or Raphael's brute strength. Take the Turtles quiz and find out which Turtle you're most like, and get a mask to symbolize your inner Ninja Turtle!
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Blaze logo

Warm up your tossing hand because the monster trucks have lent their tires for you to practice your aim! Using a bean bag, take three tries to aim it into the tire that will get you the most points for the chance to be Axle City's best tire tosser!

Blaze logo

Ryder and the pups are always working together to protect Adventure Bay—but this time, they need some help from you! Chase lost his badge and needs help pinning it back to his hat. Could you do it with your eyes closed?
shimmer and shine

Shimmer & Shine love all things sparkly, so what better activity to do with them than arts and crafts! Use the assorted art supplies to make bookmarks to use when reading your favourite books.