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Kendra's Story

Kendra Fisher

Kendra Fisher grew up in Kincardine, Ontario. With the support of her family and town behind her, Kendra quickly achieved great success in her hockey career.

Years ago, when faced with the opportunity to realize her dream of goaltending for Team Canada, Kendra was diagnosed with a severe anxiety disorder coupled with severe panic attacks, depression, OCD and agoraphobia; forcing her to leave the National Program in order to seek help to learn how to live with what had become a crippling disease.

"Quite literally the day I was told that I'd made Team Canada (in 1999) was the day I had to walk away.

I got to a point where I couldn't be alone. I couldn't eat. I couldn't sleep, I had no focus. I had just become completely non functional. It just got to a point where it was too hard to hide.

I spent a lot of years learning what that (diagnosis) meant and how to deal with it and how to live with it. It seems that I did eventually figure it out. It's still something that I deal with quite functionally and quite happily."

Despite giving up the Team Canada dream, Fisher did stay in the sport and she credits it with saving her life.

Kendra now shares her personal journey and has joined efforts to bring mental health issues to the forefront. It is her hope that her story will offer both hope and promise to others dealing with mental illness.

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Kendra Fisher plaing hockey

Kendra Fisher plaing hockey