Social Media Tool Kit

Using social media to connect with your friends, family and followers is an easy way you can share information about the Family Navigation Project at Sunnybrook and ask for donations to support your race.

Tips: Fundraising on Social Media

  • Always include a link to your personal or team page
  • Share your story: what’s your motivation for running and fundraising this year?
  • Share your fundraising goal and give a shout out when you reach key milestones
  • Past participant? Wear your RBC Race for the Kids t-shirt on your next training run and share a #sweatyselfie to let people know you’re serious about your race
  • Say thank you: recognize your supporters and thank them for supporting your race

Focus on the cause

Share some of these key statistics to highlight the impact of your fundraising:

  • The Family Navigation Project at Sunnybrook has helped over 2,700 youth find the mental health care they need.
  • 30% of Ontario families are caring for at least one youth with mental illness and/or addiction.
  • Suicide is the second leading cause of death for Canadians between the ages of 10 and 24.