1. What is the RBC Race for the Kids?

    RBC Race for the Kids Toronto is a family friendly fundraising event that supports youth mental health. This year's event offers a 5K walk/run/stroll, and a 10K run.

  2. When and where is the event?

    RBC Race for the Kids Toronto will take place on Saturday, September 14, 2019 at
    Mel Lastman Square
    5100 Yonge St
    Toronto, ON
    M2N 5V7

  3. How long is the event?

    The event is comprised of 2 separate running events. The 10km starts at 7:30 a.m., and the 5km starts at 8:45 a.m. You should arrive about 30 minutes before your scheduled start time to warm up and take your place in the appropriate corral. After you complete your race, there is a post-race party at Mel Lastman Square including food, live entertainment, and music to celebrate your contribution to youth mental health! This will wrap up at 12:00 noon.

  4. What are the routes for the 5k walk and 10k race?

    You can find course maps under "The Races".

  5. Where can I pick up my race kit?

    Race kits will be available the week before the run. Find out more about race kit pick up.

  6. Can I pick up my friend's race kit? Can a friend pick up my race kit?

    Absolutely! Please make sure the person picking up the race kit has written permission from the participant (this can be printed or shown on your smartphone) as well as the participant's bib number. The participant must also have met the fundraising minimum.

  7. How do I get to the race? Is there parking?

    Mel Lastman Square is accessible by TTC. We encourage all participants to carpool or take public transit as there will be limited parking available. Find more information about getting to the race.

  8. What if it rains?

    RBC Race for the Kids Toronto will take place rain or shine. If the forecast suggests inclement weather, don't forget to pack your rain jacket!

  9. Will there be changing facilities?

    We do not offer changing facilities; we encourage you to come ready to run!

  10. Where can I check my bag?

    We will be offering a bag check area in Mel Lastman Square for people to leave their bags. Volunteers will be positioned in this area for the entire event, so you can pick up your checked items when you are done for the day. Please ensure all your items fit into one shopping bag. Note: RBC Race for the Kids is not responsible for any lost or stolen items, we encourage participants to keep valuables on them.

  11. Will there be a lost and found area?

    Lost and found items will be collected at and can be claimed from the Information Tent in Mel Lastman Square on race day.

  12. Will there be refreshments on the course?

    The 5k course we will have a water station at the 2.5k mark and 10k course will have numerous water stations along the route.

  13. Will there be washrooms at the start/finish line and along the course?

    Washrooms will be available at the start and finish line as well as along the 10k course.

  14. Can I walk, bike or roller blade?

    The 5k event is designed for walkers, runners and strollers. Due to safety concerns, we ask you to leave the scooters, bikes, and rollerblades at home.

  15. Can my dog run with me?

    Yes! Your canine friends are more than welcome to join you on the 5k course in the purple corral only. You are the best judge of how your dog will react to a large crowd. Please be prepared to clean up after them. Note: dogs are not eligible for a medal.

  16. Are there prizes?

    Everyone will receive a medal at the finish line for all their hard work to support youth with mental health issues.

  17. Is there any medical back up?

    Yes. We take everyone's health very seriously and we will have a number of medical professionals and paramedics on duty.

  18. Is the route accessible to wheelchair users?

    The 5k + 10k routes are accessible to wheelchair users, and we encourage everyone to come out and participate or cheer on the participants in this race.


  1. Is there a registration fee to participate?

    There is no registration fee to participate in RBC Race for the Kids Toronto. We ask that all participants meet the following fundraising minimums: $100 for adult participants aged 18 and above and $40 for youth aged 11-17. There is no fundraising minimum for children 10 and under, but we do encourage child participants to fundraise and suggest $20 as a goal.

    Of course, we'll be so happy if you surpass these suggested minimums! The more raised, the more youth can find the mental health support they need.

    New for 2019: please meet your respective fundraising minimum in order to pick-up your race kit and to help us on our way to supporting even more youth struggling with mental illness and addiction

    *Please ensure that you reached your fundraising minimum on or before race kit pick-up in order to collect your race kit (bib and t-shirt). Point of sale terminals will be available at all race kit pick up locations if you would like to self donate.

  2. Can I use my username and password from previous years?

    Yes! Please use the same username and password for 2019 that you used in 2018. If you forget your password, you can reset it from the participant login page here.

  3. I would like to participate with my wife/child/friend/brother. Does each person need to register separately?

    Yes, each participant must register separately. However, we encourage you to create a team together.

  4. How old do I have to be to take part?

    For the 5k race there is no age limit, everyone is welcome! For the 10k race the age minimum is 11 years.
    It is important to note that children remain the responsibility of their parent/guardian at all times. For all registrants under 18 years of age, we require that a parent/guardian sign a waiver form, which can be done at race kit pick up or you can email completed forms to rbcraceforthekids@sunnybrook.ca. You can find a copy of the waiver here.

  5. I registered as an individual, but now I want to participate on an existing team or form my own team. How can I do this?

    If you have already registered but now would like to be a part of a team, you can change your team participation right from your Personal Fundraising Hub by clicking on "Change my team participation."

  6. I'm a Team Captain. How do I add more members to my team?

    As a team captain, you can add team members manually during the initial registration process. After this you can invite others to join your team by logging in to your account, clicking 'My Team/My Family Team' in the navigation menu, and clicking 'Recruit Team Members'.

  7. Do I have to fundraise?

    RBC Race for the Kids Toronto is an important and unique fundraising event. It supports the Family Navigation Project, a program to help youth with mental health issues and their families find the support they need. The program’s primary funding comes from this event. The money you raise will help a family in crisis.

    Once you have registered for the event, you will be provided access to your personal Fundraising Hub where you can easily create your personal online fundraising page. On this page, there is a section where you can send out fundraising e-mails and links so that people can make a donation to your page.

  8. Do I have to collect the donations from the people who have agreed to sponsor me?

    Yes, you are responsible for collecting your donations. Through your fundraising webpage your supporters can securely and instantly make a donation to you using a credit card. They can also give you cash or cheques in person, which you can submit when you pick up your race kit or on race day. Cheques should be made out to Sunnybrook Foundation with RBC Race for the Kids Toronto and your full name listed in the memo section so we know who to apply the donation to.

    If you are collecting donations in person, please be sure to record each donor's information on a pledge form so that we can send them a tax receipt (for donations of $20 or more). The pledge form can be accessed in your Personal Fundraising Hub.

  9. How do I make an edit to my registration? (eg. change distance, coral, t-shirt size)

    If you wish to make changes to your registration you can do so online in your Personal Fundraising Hub by clicking “Update Event Preferences.”  Any changes must be made by August 25, 2019. Please note: t-shirt sizes are available on a first come first served basis, therefor all sizes may not be available.

  10. How do I cancel my registration?

    If you wish to cancel your registration you can do so online in your Personal Fundraising Hub by August 25, 2019 by clicking “Update Event Preference”.  After this date, you can contact us to cancel your registration.

  11. What is my Personal Fundraising Hub?

    Your Personal Fundraising Hub is a centralized spot designed to help you easily do things like:

    • Update your personal page, team page, and fundraising goals
    • Make a self-donation
    • Send recruitment emails to ask your friends/family to join your team
    • Send solicitation emails to ask your friends/family for donations
    • Send thank you emails to your friends/family who've sponsored your run
    • Share your page through social media



  1. How do I make a donation?

    You can make a donation through our website on the main page, rbcraceforthekids.ca. Click on the button that says "Donate" and then follow the easy steps.  If you are having problems making a donation or need changes made to your donation please contact us at rbcraceforthekids@sunnybrook.ca or 416-480-6100 ext 87299 and we'd be happy to assist you.

  2. Where is the money raised by RBC Race for the Kids going?

    The money raised will go towards the Family Navigation Project at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. It helps young people who have mental illness or addiction find the right care at the right time. For more information about the project, please visit our Youth Mental Health page.

  3. How long has the RBC Race for the Kids Toronto been raising funds for the Family Navigation Project at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre?

    2019 will be the 7th year that RBC Race for the Kids Toronto has supported the Family Navigation Project. To date we have raised more than $12 million.

  4. What is my personal donation page?

    Each individual participant is highlighted on their own personal webpage. You are able to customize content and images on your personal donation page from the Personal Fundraising Hub when you log in to your account at http://rbcraceforthekids.ca. This page is where people can make a direct donation to your fundraising efforts.

  5. What assurance do I have that my information is secure?

    The Foundation adheres to strict guidelines that have been defined by the Government of Canada through the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act (PIPEDA). Foundation websites that require personal information have an online security feature that protects your information. A website is considered secure if a symbol of a padlock appears in the bottom right corner of the webpage.

  6. Will Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre be able to contact the people who donated to me?

    It is up to each donor to opt out if they do not want to be contacted by Sunnybrook during the donation process. We will abide by whatever your donors stipulate.

  7. I have someone who would like to donate with a cheque; who do they make the cheque out to?

    Please have all cheques made payable to Sunnybrook Foundation. In the memo area of the cheque, please reference RBC Race for the Kids Toronto and your full name so we know who to apply the donation to.

  8. I have some offline cash/cheque donations; how do I make sure they count towards my goal?

    To have an offline donation show up towards your goal, you will need to input the information through your Personal Fundraising Hub.

    Simply log onto your Personal Fundraising Hub and select “Enter offline donations” from the options under Your Next Steps. Once we receive the money, we will verify the donation and a tax receipt will be issued to the donor.

  9. How do I submit offline cash/cheque donations?

    Offline cash or cheque donations can be dropped off at race kit pick up or on race day, or they can be sent by mail to Sunnybrook Foundation RBC Race for the Kids Toronto, 2075 Bayview Ave., Suite KGW-01, Toronto, ON M4N 3M5. Please be sure to record each donor’s information on a pledge form (which can be accessed in your Personal Fundraising Hub) ) so that we can send them a tax receipt for donations of $ 20 or more.

  10. Are all donations eligible for a tax receipt?

    All donations of $10 or more made online and $20 or more made via cash or cheque are eligible for a tax receipt.

  11. When will the Foundation send out tax receipts for RBC Race for the Kids donations?

    If your donation was made through our online system, the tax receipt will be issued right away. If it is a cash or cheque donation, the Sunnybrook team will issue the receipt by the end of the taxation year (December 2019).

  12. I have lost my original tax receipt and require a duplicate. What do I do?

    We all have those kinds of days! If you require a duplicate, you can send your request to rbcraceforthekids@sunnybrook.ca and we will send you the duplicate.

  13. If I make a donation to my team, will I receive a tax receipt?

    Yes, all charitable donations of $10+ online and $20+ via cash or cheque are eligible for a tax receipt.

  14. How long is the tax receipt valid for?

    According to CRA guidelines, you have up to 5 years from the date of issue to include this on your tax return.

  15. How can I see who has donated to me?

    You can see who has supported you in your quest to help youth with mental health issues, through your Personal Fundraising Hub. The Recent Activity section at the bottom indicates any activity on your page, including who has donated to you.


  1. I want to be involved but am not able to run. Can I volunteer?

    Absolutely! Head on over to our volunteer page and fill out the volunteer registration form.

  2. Do I need to have previous experience to volunteer with the RBC Race for the Kids Toronto?

    Volunteer experience is certainly an asset but not mandatory. We welcome all who donate their time.

  3. Is there a minimum commitment of hours required to volunteer with the RBC Race for the Kids Toronto?

    We’ll be looking for volunteers who can commit to a full shift. Shift times and lengths will vary depending on volunteer position, check out our volunteer page for more information on what volunteer shifts are available.

  4. Can I volunteer with a friend or as part of group?

    We will make every effort to schedule you together with your friend/group if you provide us with their name when you register, but cannot guarantee that we will be able to do so.

  5. Does volunteering for the RBC Race for the Kids qualify for high school community service hours?

    Yes, all your volunteer hours will qualify for high school community service hours! We will sign off on your volunteering form at the event.

  6. Can youth (under the age of 18 years old) volunteer at the RBC Race for the Kids?

    We accept volunteers aged 14+, but certain positions require the volunteer to be of a certain age. This requirement will be indicated on the volunteering form. Children  13 and under are welcome to volunteer as long as their parent/guardian can volunteer with them.